Cycles make cities liveable

A cycle is a small tool for improving our collective quality of life. It takes imagination and courage to create places that prioritise people and not cars. But plenty of other places have, and Canberra is being left behind. Cities like the City of Sydney, parts of Perth, Wellington NZ, as well as Paris, western London and New York.

Our collective problems like human-induced climate breakdown and air pollution won’t be solved with electric cars, but they will when we make it easier for more people to walk and roll, coupled with reliable public transport.

Get in touch to see my presentation to DTV Consultants in Breda, Netherlands, given at the end of our five-day Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure Design course, in July 2022. I designed a route from Downer in the north (where the Canberra E-bike Library is based) to the public swimming pool in Civic. It includes a fietsstraat, or bicycle street, on Lonsdale St in Braddon, which would remove three lanes for cars, and be limited to 30km/h.

And the course video featuring me and students from around the world.

What I learned during my five-day Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure Design course in 2022

Request a briefing like one I gave to the Australian Local Government Association (my former employer) in Aug 2022, summarising the changes I saw on my European infrastructure study tour. It followed rides with the London Cycling Campaign, around Paris, Copehagen, and throughout the Netherlands.