Bike bus

Hibernating until spring

Northside – Lyneham to Forrest via National Triangle (0730 Mondays and Wednesdays)

Southside – Mawson to National Library of Australia via Deakin (0730 Thursdays)

Fight the rising cost of living, and reduce what you spend on petrol. Roll with the bike bus. It’s a safe, guided way to roll to the National Triangle and beyond.

This are social rides for anyone who’s wanted to replace a car trip to work/child care/the National Triangle, but wasn’t sure where to begin. You don’t need special spandex clothing or fancy bike, just wear something comfortable and use a cycle that has brakes.

Two ways across Commonwealth Ave Bridge. One is enjoyable.

Inspired by bike buses loved by children in places like Barcelona, Portland and Dorset, the inaugural northside bike bus is aimed at adults who don’t feel comfortable being beside cars on Northbourne Ave. Some people who’ve only ever driven or caught public transport between Lyneham and the National Triangle don’t know about the cycle paths. This bike bus aims to change that, and prove to the ACT Government that they are not meeting demands of people who want better ways to get around that don’t involve cars.

Northside Bikebus

We gather at this toilet block / street art gallery at Southwell Park park and ride spot (corner Mouat St and Northbourne Ave, Lyneham,) from 7:15am every Monday and Wednesday. NOTE – You can enter from Mouat St.

We roll from 7:30am. Join us anywhere along the route (see map below).

0740 – Wattle St (traffic lights near the childcare centre), Lyneham
0745 – Macarthur Ave, O’Connor
0750 – Masson St, Turner
0755 – Barry Drive, Turner

Starting point, Southwell Park, Lyneham

The route is mostly on the C1 and C8 separated cycle paths, but once we get to the National Triangle, it’s paths and footpaths. Because cars. The route is below and also here. Join at the start, or anywhere along i. Cross roads include Wattle St, MacArthur Ave, and Barry Drive. It’s around 45 mins from Mouat St to Canberra Ave. It might not be faster than a car commute, but it’s a lot more pleasant. And cheaper.

Bring a change of clothes, clean socks, locks for your destination, and toiletries if your destination has showers. There’s a bicycle repair station at Latin America Plaza (corner Rimmer and Childers Sts, City West) if you need to pump up your tyres etc.

Thanks Lish Fejer, ABC Radio Canberra, for being part of the Bike Bus!

Southside Bike Bus

The route is also available here

We start at the bike cage at the Mawson Park and Ride on Athlon Drive.

We meet at 0730 Thursdays in Mawson, next to the park and ride on Athlon Dr. People can leave their car here all day for free, and roll on the bike bus along the C4 route through Woden.

Meet us along the way. The C4 is parallel to Yarralumla Creek, and is not easily seen from the road.

0745 – Launceston St, Phillip.

0755 – Carruthers St, Curtin

0800 – Novar St at Kintore Cres, Yarralumla

0810 – Schlich St, Yarralumla

Views from the C4 through Mawson, looking east.

See here for different types of Cycle Options

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