Cycling is a social activity. Especially with a dog. Exploring neighbourhoods with dogs in bikes is normal in European cities, and we’re creating this in Canberra. Join us

These Nihola dog bikes are available for sale from Dutch Cargo in Melbourne. They’ll ship to Canberra.

Here’s Ginger, the beloved friend of a Canberra By Bike member, who has seen more embassies and sculptures around Canberra than any other dog.

Ginger as a Pokémon.

And here’s Freya, who gets around Canberra in a stylish electric cargo bike.

A typical day in Copenhagen

We loved this pooch pictured on a Bullitt, a cargo bike made by Larry vs Harry in Copenhagen. Photographed on 1/7/2022, the day the 2023 Tour De France started in the Danish capital.

Cycles for dogs

Several brands make cargo bikes (larger cycles that can carry heavy or bulky things) especially for dogs. Here’s one by Nihola and sold by our friends at Dutch Cargo Melbourne (who will ship to Canberra).

Other purpose built accessories for dogs include this basket. This page, from Melbourne-based Cargo Cycles, features plenty of photos of dogs in cargo bikes.