About us

We’re for people who use bikes to get from A to B. People of all ages, abilities, & identities who use all types of cycles. We are not lycra-clad cyclists who want to ride beside traffic doing 80km/h.

Think of us as trying to recreate the enjoyable experiences of riding in Copenhagen or Amsterdam (as on YouTube channels Bicycle Dutch and Not Just Bikes), but with cockatoos and kangaroos.

Paris Lord (he/him) created Canberra By Bike MeetUp group, and the Canberra By Bike Design Company in late 2021. First, as a way for this mid-40s, childless bloke to try making friends, and second, to channel my climate anxieties into a form of action. I am not a cyclist. I am an uncle who chooses to use various bicycles to get life done.

Electric vehicles won’t save our species. But changing how we move around our neighbourhoods, particularly on electric bikes, just might. It’s up to us.

Get in touch if you want to talk about slow tours, safer streets, or anything else that will improve our collective quality of life.